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Grand Rapids' Grandest Garage Band
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The Kingtones Memories
Cassette: 1985

The Kingtones: Memories - 1985

In 1985, the Kingtones had all their records professionally remastered and put on a cassette. It was produced by Fenton Special Products and the 1st issue, called "Memories," was released.

The picture on the front was the Kingtones logo: "Mary Lou and the Fonz standing by a 1957 Thunderbird." The songs were listed on the inside of the cover which opened up and gave a short Memorandum of the Kingtones. The name Dale Shannon (Del), was mispelled.

The Kingtones have been in existence since 1957.

Originating in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they've traveled from coast to coast playing in some of the hottest night spots in the country.

They've performed with and provided background music for many popular rock stars of the times: The Beach Boys, Bobby Vinton, Dale Shannon, and Johnny and the Hurricanes were among the many they've worked with.

Their own attempts for record fame began in 1960 when they released their first single "Wish for an Angel." Although it had a chance for national production, parents signatures were required, causing the collapse of the record.

In 1964 they released their third and most successful record, "Twins." This was bought by a Detroit firm, which did promote it in several states.

The fifth attempt was reviving Buddy Holly's classic "It Doesn't Matter Any More." Although this brought about a 3-year contract with Atlantic Records, the record was tabled by Atlantic, and the Kingtones hopes gave way to apathy.

Their last record, "Spics and Specs" found local radio stations unwilling to play it.

Here is a collection of all the records the Kingtones have made throughout the years. It is hoped that it will bring joy and fond memories to all those who have followed them from then until now.

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