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Grand Rapids' Grandest Garage Band
 Kingtones Music Samples
(*CS) = Complete Song
Wish for an Angel 1961

Wish for an Angel.mp3 (1961)

A Love I Had.mp3 (1962)

A Love I Had 1962
Twins 1963

Twins1963.mp3 (1963)

Have Faith.mp3 (1963)

Have Faith 1963
Twins 1964

Twins1964.mp3 (1964)

Have Good Faith.mp3 (1964)

mp3 same as 1963 version

Have Good Faith 1964
The Girl I Love 1965

The Girl I Love.mp3 (1965)

A Love I Had.mp3 (1965)

mp3 same as 1962 version

A Love I Had 1965
I Am The One Who Stands Alone 1965

I Am The One Who Stands Alone.mp3 (1965)


Build A Mountain.mp3 (1965)


Build A Mountain 1965
It Doesn't Matter Anymore 1969

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore.mp3
1969) Released in Michigan

It Doesn't Matter Anymore.mp3
1969) mp3 same as Eucalyptus
Released Nationally

It Doesn't Matter Anymore 1969
It Doesn't Matter Anymore 1970
It Doesn't Matter Anymore.mp3
1970) mp3 same as Cotillion
Released in Europe
Ten Guitars.mp3 (1970)
Released in Europe (Red)
Released in Asia (Tan)
10 Guitars 1970
10 Guitars Asia Album
Spics and Specs 1976

Spics and Specs.mp3 (1976)

Proud Mary.mp3 (*CS) (1987)
 (*CS) (1987)
Louie Louie (*CS) (1987)
The Kingtones Live 1987
Once In A Lifetime
Because.mp3 (2003)
Lord’s Prayer.mp3 (2003)
The Practice-1963
Retrro-Spective DVD
Bony Marony.mp3 (2003)
Mustang Sally.mp3 (2007)
One Night With You.mp3 (2007)
Dance Party DVD
Teen-Age Dreams Vol. 2
A Love I Had.mp3 (*CS)
(Year unknown

Don't Come Around.mp3 (*CS)


Teen Town U.S.A. Volume 6
Teen Sound Volume 43
Retro-Spective DVD 2007

All My Loving.mp3 (*CS)

Spirit in the Sky.mp3 (*CS)


Twins.mp3 (*CS)

The Girl I Love.mp3 (*CS)

Specs And Specs.mp3 (*CS)


Memories: The Best of the Kingtones CD (2007)
50th Anniversary Celebration CD

Hang On Sloopy.mp3 (*CS)

My Way.mp3 (*CS)


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