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Grand Rapids' Grandest Garage Band
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Innovations and Gimmicks

Over the years The Kingtones have tried many gimmicks and innovations to
give the audience many reasons for returning to see the band. Three of the
most popular gimmicks they put into operation, lasting for several years,
were the following.

Torches: These three foot tall stove pipes would shoot flames into the air 4 to 6 feet at the touch of a button.

Kingtones Torches
Kingtones Projector

Old Time Movies and Cartoons: These were shown on a sheet hung on the wall as a screen. They were shown several times each set, while the band was playing. The sound was turned off.

Exercise Bike: This was an interactive contest, which challenged the audience to ride an exercise bike the length of one song; to try and win prizes. The exercise bike was modified with a special numerical odometer from 100 to 1000. The rider would receive a "prize," according to where the arrow was pointing on the odometer, when the song ended. The top prize was "Any Drink in the House." The exercise bike was up on the stage with the band.

Kingtones Bike

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