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Grand Rapids' Grandest Garage Band
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WGVU TV / Kingtones Documentary
Wins National Award

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Aegis Award

Grand Rapids, Michigan – WGVU TV/The Kingtones have won a 2004 Aegis Award for their video produced for WGVU TV’s PBS Station. The Aegis Awards are the video industry’s premier competition for peer recognition of outstanding video productions.

“The Kingtones: A Retro-Spective” was recognized for its outstanding production quality in the category of Documentary.

The video was created as a fund raiser for WGUV’s Public Broadcasting Station. The documentary was shown several times through out the year; making or exceeding their pledge goal every time.


The Kingtones: A Retro-Spective
Retro-Spective DVD

The Time: 1961; The Place: Grand Rapids, Michigan; The Scene: Gymnasiums and Parents Garages; Forty-five years and hundreds of 45's later, the Kingtones are back on the airwaves, with all of their hits like Wish for an Angel, and Twins. Join us as we relive the age of innocence that was the early 60's rock'n roll garage band scene, with one of Grand Rapids original and best known bands: The Kingtones.
Taken from 45's, film clips of the band performing in the 60's, and live music from the two remaining original Kingtones, Phil Roberts and Bruce Snoap, along with other members of the still active Kingtones, a one hour special documentary was woven together to premiere on WGVU-TV.
The Kingtones: A Retro-Spective brings us back to those times through the music and stories of Grand Rapids own Kingtones, a band that toured with the likes of Del Shannon, and outsold the national number one hit Runaway here in Grand Rapids. They have remained active for over 45 years, and now it's time to tell their story.


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