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New Year's Eve Party 2007
The Kingtone’s Last Stand
On   December  31, 2007, the Creston Post  hosted  a New Years’ Eve  Party. What  made  this New Year’s Eve special, was that this was the very last night that the Legendary  Kingtones would be playing together; They were retiring.
The Kingtones’ Hotties came out to party!
The Kingtones take the stage for the last time.
Phil gets caught up in the excitement of
the night and wails on a guitar solo.
Crazy George, who is enjoying the dancers way too much.
Bruce Continues to give hand signals to the sit in bass player on what chord to go to next.
Lead singer Jim Lewis and bass player Bill Van Ess playing an Elvis song, “All Shook Up.”
Hank Fairchild presents a memento to the Kingtones, in honor of their 50 years of service.
Snowball? On one of the slow songs, dancers changed dance partners whenever someone yelled, “Snowball.”
The ladies not only dressed in their finest gowns, but they also knew how to Boogie down.
Food was available from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. While many people danced, some took a break to eat.
Tom Hosford having a snack to help
sustain his energy level for more dancing.
Bob & Becky Green came to celebrate the New Year and the Kingtones retirement. Bob was the Kingtones first drummer: 1957 – 1959.
Chick Snoap has been dancing to the Kingtones’ music for 48 years. Most of that time it was not with her husband Bruce, who is the Kingtones’ keyboard player. newyears07_13.jpg
There’s an old saying, “All Good Things Must Come to an End.” And so it was for a terrific New Year’s Eve party. And so it was for 50 Years of the Kingtones.


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